Hoje é 04/05/2117

Today is the four of may of 2117.
I am already dead but you are alive.
If my kids Angelica, Leonardo and Beatriz had children, maybe these children would be your grandpa or gradma. Actually from this perspective I wouldn't advice them to have children.
Mankind is still struggling to provide food and clean water to everyone in this blue globe (Earth, I mean).
By a century from now It can be possible send a message to the past.
So as I humble asking, would anyone there in the future to ask the numbers that won the lottery in the six of may of 2017?
It is published at http://loterias.caixa.gov.br/wps/portal/loterias/landing/megasena/
I know you can: so email: sheila.pre@gmail.com, and, please put together informations about your identity so I can leave 50% for you, as payment and greeting, in a testimonial.
Hope it works, have a good rich life from now.


Anônimo disse…
Te amo. Beijos do futuro. Pre.

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